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Animal Control Officers in New Brunswick

Department of Natural Resources Offices in New Brunswick

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Low Cost Pet Care

DIY No-Sew Dog Jacket Pattern

Pet friendly gardening

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Businesses which welcome pets at their establishments often display a symbol of a dog in a circle in their ads. Those who prefer you don't bring your dog inside use the same symbol, but with a line through it. In either case, it is best you check with the business you are hoping to visit before making plans.   Planning to visit friends and family in New Brunswick this holiday season? Enjoy a stay at hotels and motels that welcome your pets as warmly as they do you through the Purrrfect Place to Paws program . An added bonus is your visit helps support the work of the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies. Still more pet-friendly hotels and motels that welcome pets are listed here.   New Brunswick pet owners looking to move to the US or Europe might wish to start their search for a pet-friendly property through the Pet Realty Network .  


***Adopting a pet

Your next pet may be waiting for you at one of these NBSPCA-sanctioned shelters! When you are ready to welcome a new member to your family, you will find some wonderful furry friends at these venues. Refresh your browser when you visit these links to see the latest pets looking for their forever home:  

Charlotte County     Fredericton     Gloucester     Miramichi      Moncton  ( video directions to shelterOromocto     Saint John    



New Brunswick animal welfare community

Animal control officers

are employed by communities to handle most domestic animal concerns such as strays and nuisance animals (non-stop barking, raiding your garbage, etc). You can contact your local officer through your local municipal office. You will also find a list you can download at the top of this page.

Animal protection officers

are employed by the New Brunswick SPCA  to  ensure New Brunswick animals receive the care and protection they require.

Working with pet and livestock owners through education and the enforcement of the New Brunswick SPCA Act, they make sure domestic animals have the food, shelter and medical care they need.

The NBSPCA is not government funded, and relies on private donations to carry out its work.

It does not operate an animal shelter.

Animal shelters

provide temporary housing for abandoned and homeless cats, dogs and other domestic animals. Many offer education opportunities, as well as spay and neuter programs in partnership with local veterinarians. Due to the heavy demand on their services, they request you attempt to rehome an animal first before you contact the shelter.

When you spot wildlife in trouble, such as a deer or moose injured on the road, contact the

Department of Natural Resources


Their employees are accustomed to working with wild animals. You will find their

office phone numbers

listed under the blue Province of New Brunswick pages of your telephone book. Wildlife zones are can be found 




are animal medical professionals who offer valuable information and treatment for animal companions. They offer quality advice on topics ranging from nutrition and preventative care to the latest medical treatments.

New Brunswick


Nova Scotia






State of Maine, US

If you suspect a domestic animal of being neglected or abused, contact

your local animal protection officer or inspector

, the 



office  (


;  (506) 458-8208) or a member of the RCMP.

Details such as the date and time, street address / location, type of neglect and witnesses are needed, and the information will be passed along to the proper official for investigation. Photographs are also a valuable asset. All reports are kept confidential.


Dog licenses

Resident dogs are required to be licensed with their municipality by the start of the calendar year. Please check with your town or village office for details and license fees.



Dog sports

Some of the fun ways to enjoy time with your dog.

Dog Agility


F.A.S.T.Rally Obedience

  Take those obedience sessions up a notch, with a fun new sport.



DIY pet projects

Collapsible water bowlMake your own cat harness

 (especially good for large cats)

Quick and easy dog sweater






in times of emergency.

   Accidental poisoning information


Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System

   Poison Information Centre / Clinidata, Moncton

      (506) 857-5555

      774 Main St, 6th floor, Moncton  E1C 9Y3


Reference of non-toxic and toxic plants


Should you suspect an animal of having rabies

, contact 1-877-372-2437

Learn how to quickly help your pet should he or she become entangled in a trap or snare


Have you lost your pet?

Contact your local animal shelter and animal control officer as soon as possible for the best chance to be reunited quickly.

You may also post notices about your missing pet through:


Pets Unleashed in Moncton Times-Transcript newspaper, call 859-4981

Moncton SPCAweb site

Saint John

Pet Detective

  (Kings County)

Saint John Animal Rescue League

web siteCanada Strays

(free listing)


(free listing)


Net Posse



Furry Fourth campaign

Remember the Pet Chores on the Fours!

The New Brunswick SPCA urges you to make the fourth of each month your day for routine pet tasks. Booking that vet appointment, giving your pet his monthly medication, cleaning his gear, and giving him an extra thorough grooming are just some of the ways you can keep your pet healthy and safe!

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Importing horses

If you are importing a horse into New Brunswick or other Maritime province, please contact

Dr. Al Mclean, Atlantic Representative,

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Import Officer, Animal Health, CFIA

P.O. Box 6088, 5th Floor, 1081 Main Street, Moncton, New Brunswick E1C 8R2

Telephone: 506-851-7651

Facsimile: 506-851-3700



Nature NBNew Brunswick Equestrian AssociationNew Brunswick Kennel ClubNew Brunswick Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NBSPCA)


Animal welfare curriculum for kindergarten to Grade 8 levels



How to make a rope halter for a horse




NBSPCA-sanctioned animal shelters and veterinary clinics in New Brunswick

, click


. A printable page of these services can be found



Fire departments in New Brunswick

can be found




public venues of interest to pet owners

around New Brunswick, click



New Brunswick Trails Council

1350 Regent St, Fredericton   1-800-526-7070

Trail guides are available by clicking



* Most of the 1,100 km of New Brunswick Trails and Trans Canada Trail overseen by the council welcome dogs on leashes as well as horseback riders. You can obtain a trail guide hereto learn more.




Atlantic Horse and Pony




Nuisance wildlife

Contact your local

Department of Natural Resources

or a

Nuisance Wildlife Control Officer

for information on how to remove problem wildlife.



Pet food banks

The NBSPCA is establishing a 

network of Kibble pet food banks

around the province. These venues provide emergency food to pet parents facing financial challenges. Pet owners may request one week's worth of pet food for their animal per month as supplies allow. Non-food items such as equipment will be available when possible.

Contact the Sussex Kibble pet food bank at 433-6047 or by 



Many thanks to the generous supporters of this new project!

Sussex Animal Hospital



Pet surgery

As of the summer of 2009, New Brunswick veterinarians will not perform cosmetic surgery -- ear cropping, removing of dew claws, trimming tails -- on pets. The New Brunswick Veterinary Medical Association voted to stop doing the procedures at their 2008 annual meeting. The declawing of cats will still be performed, however.



Pet waste

In New Brunswick, after you have stooped and scooped, most dog waste, used kitty litter and other pet waste can be disposed of in your municipal compost container, or green bin. Please check with your municipality for details.



Public venues



Cityview Dog Park, Fredericton

* Corner of Cityview Avenue and Main Street (Northside, near Westmorland Street bridge)

Centennial Park Dog Park, Moncton

* St. George Street

A fenced area open 24 hours, and offering benches, poop bags, parking and handicapped access. Separate areas for large and small dogs. Drinking water piped in.

CFB Gagetown

Two large baseball field areas are open for dogs to play there when the base gates are open. Benches are provided.

Fundy National Park

Dogs are permitted throughout the park. Pet owners are asked to keep their dogs on leash and to clean up after their animals.

Kouchibouguac National Park

Dogs are allowed in most, but not all, parts of the park. Pet owners are asked to keep their dogs on leash and to clean up after their animals.

Riverview Dog Park, Moncton

Saint John Bark Park, Saint John

* Hawthorne Avenue at Rockwood Park

A fenced area offering benches, poopbags and parking.

* Sussex Bark Park, Sussex

A fenced area for dogs. Park at the end of McLeod Drive and follow the path on the left of the road.



Exhibition Park raceway

, Saint John

Fredericton Exhibition Grounds, Smythe Street, Fredericton

Princess Louise Park Show Centre

, Sussex



Butterfly World

, Moncton

Cherry Brook Zoo

, Saint John

Magnetic Hill Zoo

, Moncton




The SPCA Act states dogs being transported on a public road in a vehicle outside the passenger compartment must be in an anchored dog crate, restrained by a perscribed device, or contained by truck bed sides and tailgate of at least 46 inches (1.17 m) vertical height from the truck bed.

Livestock Transportation Resources

(Canada wide)

Pet Friendly vehicles


* We are proud to work with the dedicated members of the New Brunswick Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NBSPCA).