August 26

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Animal welfare
Great resource for teachers and youth leaders wishing to help children learn about caring for animals
Dr. Temple Grandin, specialist in animal welfare, especially livestock
IFAW - International Fund for Animal Welfare
Roots of Empathy is an award-winning classroom program helping young children relate to and respect people and other living creatures 
Computers  Easy-to-learn computer software from Carnegie Mellon University
Humanitarian sites
Caring Bridge   keeping family connected during health challenges
Free Rice  feed the hungry as you build your vocabulary
Kiva microloans to small business people in developing countries
The Non-profits  Click to donate to many causes for free!
Wigs for Kids  providing wigs of natural hair to children who lose theirs due to illness
Literacy / book arts
Words at Large, CBC Radio
Non profit resources
More than 174,000 New Brunswickers, or one in four residents, volunteer with 3,800 non-profit groups annually. That's a lot of caring in action.
Personal finance The Motley Fool is a recognized leader in the field  coupon site  weekly newsletter on living better for less