August 26

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Vanessa Packman


Helping your message reach the eyes and ears of your customers.

I am a communications and marketing specialist with more than 20 years experience to serve you. As an international award-winning writer, I have the skills and networks to help you get your message to your customers.

With a special pride in the heritage and future of New Brunswick, it's my pleasure to share what makes this region a Canadian and international jewel.

It's my privilege to work with the dedicated teams of the web portal, Sussex, NB
     * Launched first marketing campaign
     * Tripled the number of unique visitors to web site
     * Creator of the NBSPCA resource directory, a first for the Canadian animal welfare community
     * Created the NBSPCA Rover Kit, a comprehensive guide to reaching help for animal emergencies
     * Marketing manager
Other partners include:
UNESCO Fundy Biosphere proposal
     * Built and operated international festival for three years