August 26

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Needlework New Brunswick Supplies and Services Directory

Needlework New Brunswick unites the fibre arts community of the Province of New Brunswick, Canada.
As founder of this exciting network, I am pleased to share news, event listings and history of this wonderful art form. With roots centuries deep, the province's needleworkers are proud of their contributions to the region both yesterday and today.
In 2008 and 2009, we sponsored two awards at North America's longest running agricultural fair. Needlework New Brunswick is proud to salute the fibre artist who submits the most needlework entries with the Golden Needle award and another for the person who earns the most points for fibre arts at the Kings County Agricultural Fair in Sussex.
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Needlework New Brunswick supports
NBFA art bond campaign
Needlework New Brunswick is both pleased and proud to support the art bond campaign being conducted by the New Brunswick Foundation for the Arts. This multi-year fundraising effort is designed to help provide steady funding for New Brunswick art venues and cultural events.
Congratulations to the 2009 winners of Needlework New Brunswick prizes!
We are pleased to announce there was a strong competition for quality and quantity of needlearts at this year's Kings County Agricultural Fair. Needlework New Brunswick is proud to sponsor two prizes in connection with this event, North America's longest running agricultural exhibition as it marked 114 years this year.
Laura Stockdale of Drury's Cove claimed the Golden Needle prize for her entries in the most needlework classes.
Marion Anderson of Wards Creek takes home the General Excellence award for having the highest overall standing among needlework entries at this year's event.
The two Sussex area women received books "How to Make An American Quilt" and "The Friday Night Knitting Club" to enjoy.
Thank you and well done to all stitchers and fibre artists who participated!